Besse Summer School 2010: how to arrive

General consideration

We urge you to us before considering to buy your transportation ticket since we do prefer to buy it for you and we have to validate the price!

The nearest airport is Clermont-Ferrand Nearest airport (CFE)

No poublic transportation There is no public transportation between the airport and Besse. So you have to us to arrange your venue. Taxi is not really an option since the distance is 50 km (31 mi).


The Royal Poldevian Academy, where we will meet is located Rue du Lavoir at Besse et Saint-Anastaise (63610). The coordinates are 45°30'51N, 2°55'50E. Google Earth Location Géportail location

Official Carriers

Air-France & KLM are the official carriers of the event. Get the best price for your flight with Air France and KLM Global Meetings. Please us for more information or read the following document.

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