Do Well B.

Design Of Well Being monitoring systems

Press Publications

La Montagne: « Des chercheurs clermontois créent un système d’analyse de l’anxiété des personnes autistes » (FRENCH)

A local newspaper article delving into new state-of-the-art methods for precociously detecting stressful conditions. The article is here. The article appeared on June 28th 2016, and has since been cited in a CNRS article of the same date, found here.

VNI vousnousils: « L’utilisation des maths est essentielle pour améliorer la performance du sportif » (FRENCH)

An e-mag article explaining how the use of mathematics can improve physical performance. Find the article here. The article appeared on June 24th 2016.

Minute Recherche (FRENCH)

An interview of the three main coordinators of the project was organised by the University Blaise Pascal in the research segement "La Minute Recherche". It also features some testimony to suffering from autism and describes the reason and the aim of the project. The report can be viewed here. Publication date is April 6th 2016.

Huffington Post: « Les Têtes Chercheuses » (FRENCH)

A press report by the Huffington Post can be found here here. The article appeared on May 25th 2016.