Topological methods in the theory of nonllinear integral equations [monographie]
Titre d'origine: Topologicheskiye metody v teoriyi nelineinykh integral'nykh uravnenii

Auteur(s): Krasnosel'skii, Mark Aleksandrovi─Ź (1920-1997)
Armstrong, A. H (Trad.)
Burlak, Jane A. C. (Translation Edited)
Langue: anglais
Collection: International series of monographs in pure and applied mathematics, n° 45
Editeur, date d'édition: Pergamon Press Ltd., 1964
Ville(s) d'édition: Oxford (GB)
ISSN: 0278-3231
Classification MSC: 45.00 (2000)
Notes: xi ; bibliogr. pp. 383-392 ; index pp. 394-395 ; 24 cm ; 395 p.
Thèmes: operateurs non lineaires, integral equations, equations integrales non lineaires

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