Approximate solution of random equations [monographie]
Many of these papers were presented at the 752nd Meeting of the American Mathematical Society, Atlanta, Georgia (3-8 January 1978) as part of a Special Session on Approximate Solution of Random Equations

Auteur(s): Bharucha-Reid, Albert T. (1927-1985)
Langue: anglais
Collection: North-Holland series in probability and applied mathematics
Editeur, date d'édition: North-Holland, 1979
Ville(s) d'édition: New York (US), Oxford (GB)
Congrés: Approximate solution of random equations (1978)
Atlanta (US)
ISBN: 0-444-00344-4
Classification MSC: 60-06 (2000)
Notes: ix ; notes bibliogr. ; index pp. 239-242 ; 24 cm ; 242 p.
Thèmes: equations differentielles stochastiques, approximation theory, stochastic differential equations, stochastic integral equations, equations integrales stochastiques, theorie approximation

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