Advances in probability theory : limit theorems and related problems [monographie]
Titre d'origine: Predelʹnye teoremy teorii veroi︠a︡tnoste i smezhnye voprosy

Auteur(s): Borovkov, Aleksandr Alekseevich (Ed.)
Balakrishnan, Alampallam Venkatachalaiyer (1929-....) (Ed.)
Langue: anglais
Collection: Translations series in mathematics and engineering
Editeur, date d'édition: Optimization Software, Inc., 1984
Ville(s) d'édition: New York (US)
ISBN: 0-911575-03-0 ; 0-387-90945-1 ; 3-540-90945-1
ISSN: 0208-0060
Classification MSC: 60Fxx (2000)
Notes: xiv ; notes bibliogr. ; 24 cm ; 377 p.
Thèmes: theoreme des limites, limit theorems, probability theory

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