Statistics : A guide to the unknown [monographie]

Auteur(s): Tanur, Judith M. (Ed.)
Kruskal, William H. (1919-2005)
Mosteller, Frederick (1916-2006)
Link, Richard
Langue: anglais
Collection: Holden-Day series in probability and statistics
Editeur, date d'édition: Holden-Day, Inc., 1972
Ville(s) d'édition: San Francisco (US), Cambridge (GB), London (GB)
ISBN: 0-8162-8604-3
Classification MSC: 62.0X
Notes: xxiii ; ill. ; index pp. 419-430 ; 23 cm (Papers contributed at the invitation of the Joint Committee on the Curriculum in Statistics and Probability American Statistical Association and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) ; 430 p.
Thèmes: mathematical statistics, statistiques mathematiques, lectures, adresses, essays

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