Calculus of variations and control theory : proceedings of a symposium conducted by the Mathematics research center, The University of Wisconsin - Madison September 22-24, 1975 [monographie]

Auteur(s): Russell, David L. (Ed.)
Young, Laurence Chisholm (1905-2000)
Langue: anglais
Collection: Publications of the mathematics research center, n° 36
Editeur, date d'édition: Academic Press, 1976
Ville(s) d'édition: London (GB), San Francisco (US), New York (US)
Congrés: Calculus of variations and control theory (1975)
Madison (US)
ISBN: 0-12-604150-4
Classification MSC: 00Bxx
Notes: xvi ; fig. ; notes bibliogr. ; index pp. 405-409 ; 24 cm (Symposium proceedings dedicated to L. C. Young) ; 409 p.
Thèmes: programmation lineaire, control theory, theorie de la commande, calculus of variations, congres, calcul des variations

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