Theory of the integral - 2nd revised edition [monographie]
english translation by L. C. Young‎ with two additional notes by Prof. Dr. Stefan Banach

Auteur(s): Saks, Stanislaw (1897-1942)
Banach, Stefan (1892-1945) (Collab.)
Young, Laurence Chisholm (1905-2000) (Trad.)
Langue: anglais
Editeur, date d'édition: Dover Publications, Inc., 1964
Ville(s) d'édition: New York (US)
Classification MSC: 28.00
Notes: xiii ; bibliogr. pp. 331-340 ; index pp. 341-343 ; 21 cm (Unabridged and corr. republ. of the 2nd rev. ed., publ. by Stechert in 1937) ; 343 p.
Thèmes: integrales generalisees, fonctions variable reelle, generalized integrals, functions of real variables

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