Higher trancendental functions. Volume II [monographie]

Auteur(s): Bateman, Harry (1882-1946)
Erdélyi, Arthur (1908-1978) (Director)
Langue: anglais
Editeur, date d'édition: McGraw-Hill International Book Company, Inc., 1953
Ville(s) d'édition: New York (US), Toronto (CA), London (GB)
Classification MSC: 33.0X
Notes: xvii ; 1 errata ; bibliogr. pp. 382-383 ; index pp. 384-396 ; 24 cm (based, in part, on notes left by Harry Bateman and compiled by the Staff of the Bateman Manuscript Project) ; 396 p.
Thèmes: fonction bessel, polynome orthogonal, polynome appell, fonction lommel, polynome charlier, polynome krawtchouk, fonction gamma incomplete, serie schlomilch, serie karteyn, fonction anger-weber, higher transcenental functions

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