Meeting of GDR 3340 « Renormalisation »

Approaches to Quantum Gravity

Clermont-Ferrand, January 6-10th 2014




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Organizing committee :

Christian Brouder (UPMC, Paris 6)
Dominique Manchon (CNRS – Université Blaise Pascal)
Fabien Vignes-Tourneret (ICJ, Lyon 1)

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Unifying Quantum Field Theory and Gravity (the latter being formulated through Einstein's General Relativity) has become a great challenge, which calls for a quantum theory of space-time itself. Several approaches have revealed recently in order to solve this problem : string theory, loop quantum gravity, causal dynamical triangulation, causal sets, noncommutative geometry,... This meeting aims at facilitating exchange of information around these different points of view.

List of speakers :


  • Dario Benedetti (Albert Einstein Institute)

  • Joe Henson (Imperial College)

  • Karim Noui (Tours)

  • Vincent Rivasseau (Paris sud)


    TALKS :

  • Valentin Bonzom (Perimeter Institute)

  • Guillaume Bossard (CPHT Polytechnique)

  • Timothy Budd (Niels Bohr Institut, Copenhagen)

  • Gabriel Catren (Université Paris 7)

  • Razvan Gurau (CPHT Polytechnique)

  • Daniel Litim (Sussex University)

  • Katarzyna Rejzner (Univ. of York)

  • Frank Saueressig (Univ. of Nijmegen)

  • Mairi Sakellariadou (King's College, London)

Laboratoire de Mathématiques
Université Blaise Pascal
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63171 Aubière Cedex

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