Quantum Group Workshop, Toulouse, May 14-16, 2009

Organized by T. Banica, J. Bichon, B. Collins, C. Kassel. Sponsored the ANR program "Quantum groups: Galois and integration techniques". Will take place at the Mathematics Institute at Toulouse.

Julien Bichon (Clermont-Ferrand)
Benoît Collins (Lyon and Ottawa)
Uwe Franz (Besançon)
Emmanuel Germain (Caen)
Debashish Goswami (Kolkata)
Pierre Guillot (Strasbourg)
Gilles Halbout (Montpellier)
István Heckenberger (Köln)
Christian Kassel (Strasbourg)
Sonia Natale (Córdoba)
Stefaan Vaes (Leuven)
Nikolas Vander Vennet (Clermont-Ferrand)
Roland Vergnioux (Caen)
Christian Voigt (Münster)

May 14: 9:30 Bichon, 10:30 Natale | 2 Halbout, 3 Germain | 4:30 Vergnioux, 5:30 Goswami | 6:30 Cocktail
May 15: 9:30 Voigt, 10:30 Heckenberger | 2 Kassel, 3:30 Franz | 5 Collins, 6 Vaes | 8 Dinner
May 16: 9:30 Kassel, 10:30 Guillot, 11:30 Vender Vennet | 12:30 Closing ceremony

Coming to Toulouse: Air France, Easy Jet | Airport shuttle | SNCF (train) | Directions
Getting to the campus: Campus map | Subway | Venue: Amphi Schwartz, building 1R3 (5 minute walk from subway station)
List of downtown hotels, restaurants | Coffee and lunch instructions provided by the organizers.

Registration is not compulsory and there is no registration fee. However we would appreciate your contacting the organizers if you plan to participate. Please precise if possible your arrival & departure date, if you would like to attend the conference dinner, and whether you would like us to add your e-mail address on the information mailing list. Contact: .