Université Blaise Pascal
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GDR CNRS Renormalisation
Projet ANR Modunombres

Clermont- Ferrand, October 14/15 th. 2010

Feynman graphs in physics, combinatorics,
homological algebra and category theory

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Feynman graphs lie in the heart of perturbative Quantum Field Theory, as a combinatorial device for computing probabilities of various interactions. They are deeply related to important algebraic structures : Hopf algebras, homological algebra, categories,... which can shed some light on the underlying physics, as shown e.g. by the work of A. Connes and D. Kreimer, using the Hopf algebra structure in renormalization. The present meeting aims to let specialists of graphs under these various aspects to meet together.

Speakers will include:

Emily Burgunder (Toulouse)
Joachim Kock (Barcelona)
Dirk Kreimer (IHES & Boston University)
Jean-Christophe Novelli (Marne la Vallée)
Jean-Yves Thibon (Marne la Vallée)
Walter Van Suijlekom (Radboud)